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Suzanne's Vegan Recipes 

Lemon & Cardamon Cake

Lemon and Cardamon CakeMix 12oz vegan spread with 4oz brown sugar, a sploosh of soya milk and the juice of 1.5 juicy unwaxed lemons and their grated rind.

Beat in 6 fresh free range eggs along with a few cardamon seeds then add 12oz gluten free self raising flour sieved with 3 tsps baking powder. Mix well and slop into a prepared 12" round cake tin. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 for about 40 mins until golden and cooked! 


Tisane tea

Tisane TeaPick a head of each mint, fennel and young nettle, about 6'' long, rinse under cold water then put in a medium sized tea pot and pour boiling water over the leaves.

Steep for at least 5 mins, strain and serve. Drink it throughout the day, hot or cold.  .