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About Suzanne


Suzanne Jevon-Hughston has been practising Yoga and meditation since the early 80's, from when she was living and working in the Far East, mainly in Thailand, India, Nepal and Indonesia.

Having practised yoga in Bangkok, her travels to India allowed her time to contemplate and study yoga even further by spending time in several ashrams, where she lived with yogis and sadhus.

Many months, she spent alone following the River Ganges up as far as its source, in Utter Pradesh, high up in the Himalayas. She spent time in Varanasi and in the state of Bihar, in the small village of Bodh Gaya, where Buddah found enlightenment under the bodhi tree. It was here that she was invited to stay in the Thai Buddhist monastery and taught English using the Buddhist scriptures. Suzanne was taken under the wing of one of the higher monks, Pra Winya Aphichato, who gave her a great insight into Buddhism and meditation.

She continued her pilgrimage to Nepal where she spent two more years learning about Buddhism and Hinduism, living among the Nepalese. During her time in Indonesia, Suzanne realised she had healing hands and has been offering help to people, animals and plants ever since.

Based in Herefordshire, Suzanne continues to teach Yoga and meditation and to work as a healer.

Suzanne holds an International Hatha Yoga Teaching Diploma from the British School of Yoga and has completed a foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga. She has attended workshops led by Kausthub Desikashar.  Suzanne has completed Yoga Therapy training and is the founder of the Hereford Yoga Festival.


Spiritual Healing


Suzanne helps animals and plants as well. Through her own life's experiences, Suzanne has become very sensitive to the energies within us and finds her work as a healer most humbling.This is something Suzanne hasn't learned or even thought of wanting to do. It simply came to her and she regards it as a wonderful gift. Over the past nineteen years or so she has worked with people of all ages with different ailments, some critical.

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