Hatha Yoga, which has been practised for thousands of years, exercises every part of the body, both inside and out, maintaining radiant health. It can offer excellent stress release, can energise and revitalise, as well as leaving you feeling calm and refreshed. Yoga keeps the body strong and supple and can offer relief from backache, asthma and migraines as well as helping in many more ways. Anyone can practise yoga. It is not a religion, although it develops us spiritually.

By focusing upon the breath, we begin to develop an understanding of our true self. It all begins from within. When we learn to love and respect ourselves, through honesty and truthfulness, it becomes reflected in everyday life.

The purpose of developing a sound body is to ultimately develop a sound mind, a still mind. To practise yoga is to release oneself from the mayhem of material life. Dance with the breath and unite the mind with the body, the body with the soul and the soul with divine consciousness. Be present, release yourself from the past and fear not the future.

Love your yoga, Love your life....

Class Changes

Cart Shed - Monday
New class time - 16:00 to 17:15

Tuesday Class
September 16
At Maylords meeting room (behind Ernest Jones Jewellers in Town) for just one week then back to the Town Hall the following week.

India Holiday 2015

23 February to 05 March Yoga Holiday in Kerala India

Now booking, only 3 rooms left

Contact Suzanne for details

India Holiday 2014

22 October to 01 November Yoga Holiday in Kerala India

Now fully booked.

Holidays 2013

Pictures from the Yoga holiday in mystical Rajasthan.

Pictures from the Yoga holiday in Bali 22 Nov to 02 Dec 2013

Many thanks to all for these wonderful holidays