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Suzanne is having a break from teaching. Online classes resume on Monday 28 February and Group teaching on Tuesday 01 March at Stretton Sugwas and Wednesday 02 March at Westfields.

To all of you who have been part of either my online or group teachings this year, and for attending the many retreats, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and would just like to say that it has been my privilege and pleasure to serve you. 

May you be blessed with joy, health, wisdom and love and rejoice in the most precious gifts of all, being present and appreciating life. 

I very much look forward to rolling out my mat with you in 2022. May peace be with you.



Learn asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama and meditation, following classic Hatha Yoga traditions but in Suzanne's own style. With a strong focus on movement with breath, each practice will leave you feeling subtly energised, relaxed and clear minded.

Enjoy live online teaching every weekday from the comfort of your home - recordings can be accessed for 7 days. Find out more...

Group teaching classes - Tuesdays at Stretton Sugwas Village Hall and Wednesdays at Westfields Community Hall, Hereford. Find out more...

I am inspired by nature and my teachings reflect the seasons, the time of the day and most importantly, how we feel as an individual on an emotional, mental and physical level.

Suzanne demonstrates how to use a neti pot

I intuitively guide each person before me to work with what they have here and now. No two days are the same, so how can we be the same? We change during the day, just as the sun rises and sets, so our energies rise and fall. 


Our yoga practice is to help bring us into balance; to lift us when we are down, to calm us when we are in turmoil, to find joy when we are sad, and courage when we are afraid.


In group work, I encourage each person to work to the best of their ability, without having the need to compete with those they share the teaching space with. My aim is to bring healing on a subtle level, a balance of strength and flexibility and acceptance in the hope that we all leave the class feeling much better than when we came, and indeed lead a more fulfilling life.  Read more about Suzanne

" Suzanne ignited my love of yoga over 17 years ago and although I only worked with her for a short time she has been the standard I've measured my teachers against and she's just the best!

So happy she is doing online classes at the moment, the perfect practice in these challenging times!


Cannot recommend highly enough!"

Claire B.


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